I want that to be me!

"Either write something worth reading
do something worth writing about." 
-Benjamin Franklin

Yes and Yes, has once again got me thinking...

What am I doing that is worthwhile?
What am I doing today, that will make me proud next year?
What is the story I am telling, screaming to the world?

I know for many twenty-somethings, there are BIG dreams out there that seem too far out of reach. You are just wandering around trying to figure out who you are, where you want to be and what you should be doing. Comparing your life to someone who "has it all together", or a more glamorous life than you think you are living.

I want to live with intention. Treat people with love and respect. Constantly be adding to my resume of life, things that make me better. These are just a few questions I want to try to answer and live out differently.

Lots of changes are coming. I can feel the stirring of my heart, and I am beyond excited.

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