Flowers on Tuesday

I don't know how I got so lucky
And I truly am not biased,
But I have the best mom- ever. hands down.

She is thoughtful, witty, loves with all her heart
and knows how to make people feel so special
She never ceases to amaze me

I have always made a big deal about my birthday
Maybe because I am the baby of the family
Or I just like celebrating birthdays, especially my own
But my mom always finds a way to out do herself from the year before

I came home tonight
And my air conditioner was blowing
I am cheap.  I always turn it up HIGH when I leave so I am not paying for it while I am gone.
That was my first clue
I walked passed my kitchen and into my bathroom

My mirror was decorated for "The Birfday Princess"
Then I go into my kitchen
And I have a bouquet of roses and a card!
Which I can't open until tomorrow morning. no cheating.

Thank you Bif, for making me feel so loved and special.
You are amazing.

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