Breathe In. Breathe Out.

Breathe In.
Breathe Out.
You know what you need to do.
You don't know how to know, but you know...

Breathe In.
Breathe Out.
You have made it this far
Too far forward to ever go back.
Too far to turn around and run back to where you were.

Breathe In.
Breathe Out.
You can do this.
You are strong enough to do this for YOU.

Breathe In.
Breathe Out.
It isn't going to hurt like it did before.
It is just one step forward for the best possible you...

Breathe In.
Breathe Out.
You will look back on this day
You will look back and know that this was a day you chose YOU...
You will look back at this milestone
and You will know you did the best you could.

Breathe In.
Breathe Out.
You are worth it.
You deserve all the happiness, love, support, encouragement in the world
This is about YOU, and that is ok

Breathe In.
Breathe Out.
One step forward, and another
Don't look back.
Keep your eyes forward, keep your focus straight
You are doing this for you...

Breathe In.
Breathe Out. 


I'm here............................................................You're There

"Absence is to LOVE, what wind is to a flame:
it extinguishes the small, and enkindles the great." 

I just found this one, and I really love it
It says exactly what I have been needing to hear.



It's easy most of the time.
There are times that it seems so long ago.

Then there are times that its not so easy
Today is one of those days
I am not sure what triggered it because its been so long
since I have even thought about it .
But today, was just one of those days.

Its not always easy
But most the time it is
Today is not like most times...


Confession of a Single Girl

So I would say in many ways I am your typical girl
I love chick flicks, and romance
I love getting dressed up and dolled up
I love pedicures, shopping, getting my hair done
Shoes, I love shoes...

but in some ways, I'm not your typical girl
I love to be outdoors, hiking, fourwheeling, camping (in moderation)
I love to watch and talk sports
and I don't really care for weddings and bridal/baby showers

I don't know what it is. Maybe its because most that I have been
to aren't my friends. But, I hate the awkwardness of not knowing
everyone in the crowd, and being forced to talk small talk with
friends you haven't seen in years that don't really seem to want to
talk to you. Its just one of those things that I am trying to enjoy
but more and more I realize I don't! haha

That is my confession for the day... I don't really like weddings or bridal/baby showers... one day I am sure I will but right now I don't care for them! eeeek!

Love the Fall

As I have mentioned before, I am very much like my mother.
We are both pretty needy, we both talk a lot when we want too
We laugh at a lot of the same stuff, and I even have some of her good looks
but one thing we both really really love is Fall!

The colors, the smells, the weather, the decorations, the holidays!
All of it, we just love! This season always makes me think of so many things
The people in my life I am thankful for
The God that I love, who has created all of this
The memories I have made in the past during these times
All the yummy holiday treats

There always seems to be a change in spirit around fall
Everyone is a little cheerier (unless it includes shopping at the mall, which I refuse to do after november until January unless absolutely necessary)

I just can't believe it is already November!
Ten months of the year 2010 have already passed
Where does all the time go?
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