Faceless Travels

Sooo I haven't been as good as I wanted to be with the whole Kate's Cooks but I was talking to a friend tonight, and looking through old writings and this came up... I thought I would post it here.

its intimate. its revealing. its me.

-The Faceless Travel

Im not much a writer but these are my words
They're going to form a story just of a world
It starts with a girl and will end with her too
The Mysteries held within are between me and you

Its hard to tell from where it begins
Because she didnt feel life until she met him
Life had happened before, just not in her heart
So lets begin, Lets take it from the start.

She traveled down roads some long and straight
Others more troublesome, she never knew til too late
Where she will end only he will know
So she kept on running down all the wrong roads.

Most roads undiscovered were pure in her eyes
Some she goes back to for the comfort of lies
Old wounds from old travels hold her captive to old ways
she tries to let go when she cant she just cries
"Listen to way I have to say!"

"You know that I need you here by my side,
to carry me through my life needs a guide
I need your grace, your comfort and all of your heart
you're what I've been needing, my life is ready to start"

There are places she goes but never alone
These roads once desperate, now careful to roam
With him by her side shes never afraid
She knows the paths that she wanders, he already paved

The sky not always blue, the grass not always green
She puts one foot forward, patient for the unseen
Each road has a treasue and secrets untold
Yet every encounter is a treasure alone.

She has her own struggles that you'll never know
She wants you to know why but she feels so alone
There are memories she has that she wished went away
She tries to breathe deep inside when she cant she just cries
"Listen to way I have to say!"

"You know my heart and even my mind
you are in my life but where are you most the time!
I know my life would be nothing, it started with you
but Im ready for more, can you give me that too!"

The wandering girl travels down yet another dark road
Not knowing who is waiting for her hand to hold
This is where she will meet the one he has for her
This is all she has asked for, its love she is sure.

They go on their way hand in hand
Some days it may pour, but they continue to stand
She knows what it is, what it is her heart feels
Shes been down this road but it wasnt this real

This girl and this boy dream of for forevers
She wants them to walk all their roads together
But somethings not there, it hold the boy back
She just wants to know what it is that she lacks?

The memories they make are her favorite of all
She hopes her love is enough, but she feels so small.
She wants the boys love but doesnt know the way
She tries to not lose herself but when she cant she just cries
"Listen to what I have to say!"

"How can it feel this way so good and so bad?
Sometimes I wonder does the boy miss what he had?
Now you need to tell me am I wasting 'for forevers'?
Or is this something the boy knows has always been a never?"

She needs that comfort of him and those words from his heart
Shes never questions what the boy has from the start
Here they are now but they came from such different places
She knows that their lives have been filled with different faces.

The struggles she has are all from before
She tries to forget them and move on to more
She hates to admit shes afraid from her past
She just needs to know their forever will last.

The boy has fears too its something she can tell
Her travels become faceless as her heart continues to swell
She has lost herself in the boy and all of his ways
She tries to be honest but when she cant she just cries
"Listen to way I have to say!"

"I cant promise you 'for forevers' and days of sunshine
but I can promise you this my heart is not mine
I have done what I can, I dont know what else I can do
But I guess its just one thing I will never hear from you."


Kate's Cooks 05

There are some things in life that make you grateful for the real people in your lives! I know that I appreciate real people who are willing to give new people a chance in their lives! "The night life is just not for me, all you really need is a few good friends"- is a line from the Format, but its just a great one, but not necessarily true! I totally believe you can have more than a few good friends, and even more true is the fact that you can have a few good friends from different groups of friends. I am soo glad that I surround myself with good people who are great friends.

For lunch I shared a greek salad and bruschetta from My Big Fat Greek with laurie and then for dinner Joey's mom made us Chicken and Broccoli stir fry! it was sooooo good!

For Breakfast today I had a nectarine and a special K bar! and for lunch it was subway's sub of the day for me!

I am glad I am doing this, even if its only for my own personal help because it is keeping me accountable and blogging! woo hooo!



Kate's Cooks 04

So yesterday was my best friends birthday and so we spent the whole day making her feel like the special little lady that she is! But, I didn't do sooo great on meals!

For breakfast I ate a nectarine and after pedicures at my favorite little place, Pink Polish, we went to eat at Spicy Pickle, our favorite panini shop right by our apartment! Soooo good! Then we went to the Mission Palms Hotel for the day to Lay out and then out to eat!

We had some drinks by the pool and then chips for a snack and for dinner, Caffe Boa... Gosh, to think about it, I basically had the BEST DAY EVER yesterday! Almost all my favorite places, with my favorite girls!

But overall, it was a great time! No pictures of the food but I might put some pictures up later for fun!



Kate's Cooks 03

I thought I would do a really quick note about yesterday!

Breakfast I had a nectarine and a special K bar with lots of water! Its soooo hot out I am drinking like a machine!

Lunch I made myself a salad with chicken, tomatoes, strawberries and feta cheese!

Then for dinner I made my parents dinner with my secret Teryaki chicken dinner sooo good! I "made" this recipe "up", I just didn't follow any other recipe for it but its really yummy!! I need to get better at taking pictures of stuff but woo hooo!


Kate's Cooks 02

Technically, its day 3! Hopefully I will get better and doing this right up after dinner but for now the following day will be good!

For breakfast I had a yummy cup of yogart, but really it wasn't that yummy... you know sometimes when you don't eat yogurt fast enough you don't want the last of it? that was my issue, but I finished it! Oo and before I went to class, yeep I said it, Class! I am in summer school... back on track, I had a Special K Vanilla Yogurt bar! Those things are my favorite right now, really sweet for a sweet treat!

Lunch, was a different story! I know I am supposed to budget but a HOT lean cuisine just didn't sound good on a day that started at 95 degrees at 6.29 in the morning! So I stopped by Dillys Deli and got the Mexi Wrap- I was able to use my Sun Dollars from school so I didn't spend any of my money, per say! But it was really yummy and totally hit the spot! Not so sure how healthy it is though!

And then for dinner, I had my friend Tai come over! Tai is a blessing for me this year because she is a new friend, but she is a good new friend! We have some things in common and I am sure as our friendship grows we will find even more things to share together! Not that I am Julia Child or anything, but Tai said she didn't know how to cook and since I am trying to test my skills I asked if she would come over for dinner with Joey, Nick and I!

I made chicken, mashed potatoes, corn and salad! Tai was kind enough to bring over some brownie mix for brownies, which I kinda ruined... hey I didn't say I was a baker!

Dinner turned out good, Joey rated it at an 8, he said it would have been a 10 with rice, but I can't make rice the way his momma does!

The recipe for the chicken was pretty easy all I did was got 5 chicken breast and pierced them so the marinade could soak into the meat. I covered them in a little garlic salt (I love anything garlic) and cracked pepper, and put them in a plastic bag! I had a Lemon Herb marinade left over so I poured that on the chicken and also sliced up 3 garlic cloves and put them in the marinade as well. I let it set for 45 minutes while I heated the oven to 400 degrees.

When the chicken was done I put it in my little pyrex dish (I need bigger ones, my sister got me a gift card to buy them for my birthday last year but I ended up getting dishes instead! Oopps) and covered it with italian bread crumbs, just a little not a lot! I let the chicken bake for about 30 minutes or until it looked cooked all the way through.

The salad was the Grand Parisian mix from Costco, its a fave of mine! Feta, candied almonds, and cranberries with a white balsamic, it all comes together! The corn was from a can and the mashed taters Tai Mashed! The only thing I did a little different to the potatoes was when they were boiling in the water I put a few garlic cloves in with it so when we mashed the potatoes the garlic got mashed right into them! My mom, sister emily and I discovered that a few weekends back and it made the potatoes soooo good!

Well that is my story and I am sticking to it!

PS... when making browines make sure you grease the pan!!! =/

I promise I will make you proud momma! haha


Kate's Cooks 01

Hiii! So today is my first day of trying to blog about my "cooking" adventures!
By doing this I am hoping that I will be able to actively keep up with blogging so my writing can improve and I have a comfortable place to go when my words need a place to go. Also, I want to have a more tangible way of being held accountable with achieving a healthier lifestyle and more comfort in my body! I also hope that by blogging about what I am cooking and eating will encourage me to try new recipes, make new recipes and want to cook more often so I can tell you about what I did, also I'm trying to save money so it helps to have a reason to cook and not just go out!

Today I made myself a sammich! It wasn't anything special, but it was still pretty good! One thing that I have done in the past is weight watchers and it really works when I am dedicated to it. One thing that I found is Nature's Own Double Fiber Whole Wheat bread, 2 slices of this stuff is only 1 point! I had low fat cheddar jack cheese with chicken breast sandwich meat and avocados! I also put a little bit of Ken's sun dried tomato dressing! I haven't eaten my cookies yet because my fruit and sandwich filled me up pretty good but hey this is just a start!

Ok so I didn't want to continue making tons of posts and so I decided I will do one a day for all meals or what not!

For dinner I was lazy and "made" pasta... aka I had a Bertolli Pasta Chicken Parmigiana and Penne. Joey didn't really like the chicken but liked everything else, I actually didn't mind the chicken. I had a small bowl of it with one piece of garlic bread and he ate all the rest with two pieces! Then for dessert we had watermelon in our "whip dip" aka a dilly of whip cream fat free and light strawberry yogurt mixed together! I didn't take a picture because joey will laugh at me if I tell him I am blogging about my meals but maybe one day you will get a look at my dinners!


This could be the start...

Lately I have been feeling that I am just meant to do so much more than I am... And I know its because its the truth, but it doesn't mean I can do it all right now. My time will come but until it does I am going to really enjoy my life! I want to make new friends, new memories, and just love life and everything that comes with it.

Today I was thinking while I was making my lunch... why don't I try to kill a few birds with one stone (figuratively speaking of course)

I am trying to do this new thing called, budgeting, I'm not sure if you have heard of it. Its hard... It sucks... I feel like I can't do anything but I am going to turn this into something fun! I want to make it a game almost to see what I can do for the least amount of money, re prioritize things in my life, and save a little money! One thing I was thinking about was what if I blogged about my cooking adventures!! Why I call them adventures is because I really don't know how things are going to turn out! But this is a way that I could be more active in my blog efforts, I can make myself a little more accountable about trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle and I can also give recipes to anyone out there that might be reading this thing.

Honestly, this is probably more of an interest to just myself but at least its up here!

Soo hopefully this works out!!
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