Rain Boots

I guess when it rains, it pours... well, bring it on, I have always wanted cute rain boots. 
Today I felt like it was raining on my life again. It was all these little things adding up to be the perfect storm.  To be honest, I know what is going on. I know that its just the devil trying to bring me down. And you know what, I can get through anything you put me through. 

I had a dream about you last night. You were happy. It killed inside, because I am happy but not in the same way you are. But it was just a dream. Life isn't a dream world. So I will let you go to sleep and be happy if that's what it takes. 

If its raining, you'll find me dancing in the storm- with really cute rain boots.


Word Search

A little secret about me...
I love word searches, absolutely love them...


Haven't Met You Yet...

Patient, Patient, Patient

Be Patient.
Be Patient.
Be Patient.
Be Patient.
Be Patient.
Be Patient....
Maybe the more I repeat it to myself it will happen??

Or let me guess... I need to be patient!

Never ending vicious cycle

Where I am vs. Where I was

I was going back and re-reading some of my blogs since April
I have been through a whirlwind of so many different emotions
and it is so apparent through this blog.
I have been stretch in really uncomfortable ways these last 16 weeks

But I am so grateful to have it all documented. Even if no one reads this, I can go back and see where I am
In a year, I can look at April 25th see where I was then

I promise, I will be in a better spot. It might not be the best spot, but it will be a better spot than I was in.

I am growing
I am learning
I am taking a leap of faith this next year.

Where will I be?


Got it from my Momma

As I start living life a little more independently, I see a lot of my momma in me.
Some of it are really good things that I treasure and I am blessed with,
Some of it are funny tendencies I can't help
and some of it is annoying, but its annoying to both of us that we do it so its ok!

Here are a few things:
My mom is really good at making anyone and everyone feel loved in their own personal way. She has taught me how to do this. I watched her, and I have, continue to be and I am sure will always be shown this from my momma. I remember when I was in the 2nd grade, I collected Beanie babies.. well I collected them for a long time but this one particular time I came home from school and *warning this could be TMI* I always went straight to the bathroom at home because I hated going at school. SO I go to wash my hands and the frog beanie baby I had been wanting was hanging out on my faucet! There was no reason for it, but she did it just because. I love that about her.

We both have an addiction to Tootsie Rolls. Bring them around us and we will just eat them until they are all gone.

She picks out and writes the best cards. She sends cards out to people just because. She has a list that she makes each week to send cards to people. I try to do this, but I want to be as good as she is at it.

She is hands down the best mom around. She is selfless, giving, caring, she listens, worries, laughs with me, cries with me. She feels my happiness, shares in my joys, but she is there during the really bad times. She is my best friend. She is a great example of a wife and a mother. I can not wait to be like her when I am at that place in my life.

I'm not tall like her, but she gave me some of her basketball skills.

I wear my watches and bracelets on my right hand. she is left handed, so I always watched her put hers on the right, so I do too.

We both think A LOT. probably to the point where we make ourselves sick thinking someone is mad at us, or we did something wrong.

She can laugh at herself.

She is beautiful, inside and out. She is very special to me.

I am so blessed with all the things I got from my momma...

even my big booty! ;)

Thanks for the Memories Summer

Wow! I can not believe summer is over
So much has changed in the last four months
I had my heart broken
I graduated college
I had to figure out my new normal
I moved out of my apartment
My best friend got married
but, I am still here and standing!

One of my summertime goals was to document all my adventures!
So I bought myself a new camera and I got busy!
I thought I would share some of those adventures on here!

First, Graduation:

I graduated from ASU! So excited for the next steps in my career, and seeing what opportunities will come in my life because of my education!

Amanda surprised me for my graduation:

This girl is an amazing, amazing friend. could not ask for more or better.

Spending time with new friends:

These girls have been the best friends a girl could ask for!

Always having a great time!

Steph comes to visit:

BBQ with the girls and stephanie got to be there!


This is when it started to get real crazy!
Vegas Baby: June 25-27

Single Ladies up in the front please!

What an example of true love. and what it takes to have a forever love. one day mine will come! until then, I am praying for you future love :)

San Diego: July 1-6

Mandatory Miguel's trip with my San Diego family!

Mmmmm... Extraordinary Desserts with Sister!

San Jose: July 9-12

Bridal Shower Time!

Jeff's Going away party and Friend Time on my only free weekend: July 16-18th

Megan and I at Jeff's going away party!

See thats Jeff, at his going away party!

Skelly and I!

Ooooooklahoma: July 20-26

Baby cousin and I!

Lots of Love and Sisters! Sis' baby shower in Oklahoma!

New Apartment: August 6

My new Home!

Finally, San Jose for the Wedding: August 11-22

At Frannie's in Los Gatos!

Breakfast with the girls!

Rehearsal Dinner!

Last Night as a Sanchez!

Summer, thank you for all the new memories! I really appreciate it. more than you know!

All on His timing...

This summer came at a great time in my life.
God is really good like that
He provided me with outlets
He never put too much on my plate
He let me pout, he let me cry, he let me be mad at him
BUT, he was there with me the whole time.
God is bringing me around full circle right now
I am trying to be patient with his plans.
I know he has them, and I know they are best for me
But its hard to not have the control.
I am learning to just let things happen and have faith that it will all work out
I will have my great love one day
I do hope I don't have to go through much more heartache to get there
but if thats the plan, that is the plan.
It is what it is.


For those of you who just can't wait for my updates (Hi Mom!) I am sorry I didn't update for awhile! I was M.I.A. for my best friend's wedding.

What an experience it was! I can not even describe it! It all happened so quickly but the memories I hold I will forever cherish.

Priscilla is a very special person to me. God truly placed us in each others lives in a way that could have been nearly impossible unless everything lined up. Its hard to describe unless you actually experienced it but we met a Hume Lake Christian Camps. Its a beautiful camp up in the mountains of California. if you would have told me I was going to one day be standing next to her at her wedding, I probably would have laughed at you. But God does amazing things, and I am truly blessed by her!

Here are a few of the pictures from my trip:

Priscilla and I!

Girls heading to San Fran for Bachelorette Weekend!

Painting the Town Wild in Animal print!

My Italian Dance Partner!

Girls at the rehearsal!

The best man, Groom, Bride and Maid of Honor

All the pretty girls!

Dancing the night away!

This was my Maid of Honor Speech:
Hello Everyone!

First off I want to say thank you to my best friend, the beautiful bride Priscilla! It has been such a privilege to be your Maid of Honor and to be a part of this chapter of yours and James lives.

Before I take us all down memory lane, I should probably give you a little background. My name is Katelynn Klingaman and I met Miss Priscilla 7 years ago at Hume Lake Christian Camp. God had big plans for us then, we just didn’t know it. To be honest, I don’t even know how it happened. I am an arizona native, she is a cali girl through and through. We ended up being on the same rec team, and it so happened that we were both the loudest, most spirited and obnoxious girls on our team, and probably the whole camp. Somehow in a matters of days, we were sharing in laughter, tears, our dreams and fears. It felt like we had known each other for years, and we had been best friends for a lifetime. Throughout the next year we continued to build our friendship even with all the miles that kept us apart.

The following year at camp was when God planted a seed that would intertwine two peoples lives forever. We planned it in a way that she would stay as a camper with my church, but she had to drive up with a different church from San Jose, which ended up being a church with a smokin’ hot leader named James. When we reunited at Hume it didn’t feel like any time had passed at all. We hadn’t lost any of our spunk, and some how we were louder, even more spirited and more obnoxious than the year before. But this year was different, James happened to be a leader for our Rec team. We were seventeen year old girls, so of course we noticed him, and how could he have not noticed an extremely loud duo wrapped in tin foil! This was just the subtle start. The years to follow both James and Priscilla would go through life lessons, and were growing as individuals, and praying for their future spouse.

Since Priscilla and I have never lived in the same city, not even the same state we always found ways to see each other. We created tons of memories in the short amount of time spent together, but there is one memory that sticks out most to me. One late night I get a phone call from Priscilla. She had just gone and hung out with James, our leader from Hume! I could see her beaming even miles away. I knew right then that this was going to be a huge part of her story, and his. God had blessed them for their patience, and this new relationship was a product from the seed God had planted that year at Hume.

We all have watched James and Priscilla grow into the couple they are today. The love, support, commitment that they confirmed today is something special and unique. God has blessed them with true love and I am honored to have watched your relationship blossom into the great Love that you have for one another. Priscilla and James, I am beyond blessed by your friendships, and I wish you the best of luck in all your new adventures as husband and wife. Trust in the Lord and his plans for you. Lean on him in good times and in bad. You are meant to be, because you choose to be. Always choose each other, and always choose to love! I love you guys bigger than big! So proud of you!

Confessions of a Single Girl

Confessions of This Single Girl:

I'm getting used to this, and I kind of like it.
I'm always busy, and to be honest, I am not sure when I had time for a relationship.
It could be because I am always making myself busy but regardless, its nice.

But, here is my true confession...

I have a lot of weaknesses, so I thought I would put some out there.

A believer
Big Smiles
Someone who can make me laugh
Tootsie Rolls
A dreamer
A Protector

Thats enough insight for now! :)



I love cards
I love sending cards
I love receiving cards
I love looking back at cards
I love everything about cards

I love that they say more than sometimes we ever could
I love that sometimes they don't say anything at all, but everything at the same time
I love funny cards
I love meaningful cards
I love letting someone know I'm thinking about them through a card

I love everything about cards!

Confessions of a Single Girl

Confessions of a Single Girl:
Today I have a love hate relationship with Life

I just want to scream right now...

Wish my mind could STOP thinking so much...

Just be honest. open.


Last Night

This is my last night in my apartment.
I love this place, I made a lot of memories here.

But I am looking forward to making new memories
I don't look forward to the actual move or unpacking.

I am beyond exhausted
But I am moving forward and I love it!

Confessions of a Single Girl

Confession for today: I am in a romance kind of mood. And there is one thing I am realizing. And one Thing I can promise you...

I could love you real good.
And I'm not scared of loving you.



And then... your mind becomes mush! Mushy brain!

A little more country...

I am a city girl, through and through.
but I am a little more country than I let on.

I love red dirt.
I love open plains with bails of hay.
I loved the smell of grandma's farm.
I love cowboys...

Here is a little country for your day:
Joe Nichols- Gimmie That Girl

Chris Young- Gettin' You Home

Current Playlist

I have been listening to a lot of music lately.
So I thought I would let you in on my current playlist...

Peapod Love Mix
1. Wrong Baby Wrong Baby Wrong- Martina McBride
2. Lover, Lover- Jerrod Niemann
3. King of Anything- Sara Bareilles
4. She Won't be lonely long- Clay Walker
5. Irreplaceable- Beyonce
6. Fairytale- Sara Bareilles
7. Someday when I stop loving You- Carried Underwood
8. One Day You Will- Lady Antebellum
9. Almost Lover- A Fine Frenzy
10.Wrestle with God- Wild Sweet Orange
11.Stay- Sugarland
12.Drumming- Florence and the Machine
13.American Honey- Lady Antebellum
14.Nothing- Nikka Costa
15.Hey, Soul Sister- Train
16.Best Days of your Life- Kellie Pickler
17.Undo it- Carrie Underwood
18.Near to You- A Fine Frenzy
19.Damaged- Danity Kane
20.Long Gone- Lady Antebellum
21.Haven't Met You Yet- Michael Buble
22.You are the Best Thing- Ray LaMontagne



everyone goes through life trials to gain life experience.
in those experiences most people learn their strengths, their weaknesses, good qualities and even bad qualities about themselves.

through this season of my life, and this life experience I am realizing something about patience...


I used to think I was a really patient person.
But I realized today, I really am not.

So maybe this season of my life is supposed to teach me a lot more than love, heartache, truth, compromise, examining myself...

maybe I am being taught how to be patient in and with life, and what God's plan for me is.

I know I am destined and deserve great things... its just gonna take time. ohh and that thing patience...



The Notebook, its one of those movies that is tear inducing even on your best days!

This could be one of the best scene's in one of the best love movies ever...
But why is it?
because there is so much pain, love, turmoil, life changing moment in two people's lives?
Maybe its one of the best scene's because we know the outcome
but regardless, even on my worst days...
I will love this movie!
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