Only Time Can Tell

No, time can't tell you anything that your history hasn't already shown you...

I can't wait for yoga tomorrow so I can work out some of the frustrations I have right now...

I know this doesn't make sense to most people but sometimes its best that way.


Holy Yoga

So after writing my 101 I have kind of stepped away from blogging. I don't know why I find it so difficult, I am not sure if it is because I feel that I have to write something truly meaningful and enjoyable for people to read. Or if it is because I don't feel like what I am doing with my life has that much significance to others. I work, I go to school, I sleep. But now I yoga!

For christmas I recieved a package of 2 weeks unlimited yoga, a yoga mat and an intro to yoga workshop. I came home from work yesterday and decided it was time to venture off into the world of yoga, alone.

WOW... it is phenomenal...

It was the most relaxed I have been since Lord knows when. I am a high stressed being. I worry, I fret, I grudge, I hurt, I everything you can imagine. But now I relax! I even woke up early on my day off (which is wednesdays) and I took another class this morning and will be going back tonight! It is not only relaxing, it is spiritual in whatever way you want to make it.

What is your intention they ask?

What is my intention? I want to be comfortable in my body, I want to find peace in this world, I want to find a place I can go and release everything else that is going on and just be. That is my intention for yoga.. and drop a few of these unwanted pounds... but mostly I want to go to yoga so I can just be.

Just be who I am. Just be who I am not. Just be.

Holy Yoga... I'm in love.
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