Faux Lash

Well, in my earlier post about my Frinks to Love put this lovely gal on there!

Priscilla has been my best friend since we had the loudest voices on the rec field at church camp. Since that moment we have shared our fears, our excitement, heartbreak, love together. We have wrapped ourselves in tin foil, painted our faces with lipstick and covered ourselves head to toe in plaid. We have gotten married (Her and her sweeter than pie Husband did, I was just the third wheel!) Dreamed big Dreams together.  We are kindred spirits. God made Priscilla and I unique, but He specifically crossed our paths 10 years ago.  Never have we lived in the same city, but our love for the Lord, everything pretty, and each other makes us act like neighbors.

I was her maid of honor at her wedding, just over a year ago.
We plan on growing old with our husbands (I am taking applications fellas), raising our kids, and having each others houses right next door to one another.
We just need to decide which city!

You should check her out over at Faux and learn about Faux Lashes!
If she was here, I would have her do my make- up everyday!
Because that is the beauty of having a best friend who is a talented, beautiful, thoughtful make-up artist!

Love you Prissy! xo

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  1. I laughed and cried all at once. I LOVE YOU! wish you lived next door right now!!!


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