Things I love: Thursday - Birthday Edition

Things I am loving this week:

Lily drops everything when this comes on. Her dance is adorable. Going out to lunch with my dad this week for my birthday. BIRTHDAY MONTH! looks like the birthday fairy threw up in my apartment, and I love it! I love birthdays. Snoopy fruit snacks. so yummy. memories from my childhood. Spending time with my friends and family before I move. too sad to even think about it, but makes me happy to keep making memories. Getting my hair did. doesn't look too different but i love it anyways. How very special my mom is. she is literally the very best person I have ever met. i hope i am like her when i am a mother. Did I mention shellac birthday nails?! Pink sparkle nails! My mom snuck into my apartment and decorated it, and left me flowers, and a scavenger hunt every morning. seriously, how did i get so lucky? Having dinner at Sara and the boys house. they have so much energy. I need to learn how to be more kid oriented. Mr. Ez E, Eli (my nephew) is right on target. can't wait for him to be here! Having my sister at work on Thursdays is usually my best day at work. miss the old days of working together all the time. Only 23 more sleeps in my apartment! then my parents and I are roommates for a few weeks. woop woop! oh, and of course... I love love!

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