Things I love:Thursday

Lily. I just love her and how fast she is growing. She is getting so big.  Meeting friends for coffee and catching up. So proud of you Lauren! Sharing a bottle of wine with my favorite friends. Gonna miss you lots Marisa. Spending the night in bed reading. Switching between Crazy Love and Mockingjay. The month of September. Its my birth month! Getting birthday cupcake glitter on my ring finger nail! yea, I am following the 12 year olds trend and painting one nail different. Be a Spark- Start a Fire. Loving this thought of encouragement. Pasty's Peanut Butter Banana and Jelly pasty... soooo good. Turning in my 30 day notice. I am really doing this. I am really mooooooving. ahhhhhh! I live a blessed life, and I am thankful for all those who invest in me. oh and I love love.

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