Making It Happen

I did it!
I am finally here.
After years of dreaming about it
Months talking about it
Miles to get here
I am.

I am finally living one of my dreams
This is my new town

It has been really hard for me to put any of my thoughts into words these last few days 
I was anxious, scared, excited, happy, adventurous, nervous, proud, sad all in one jumbled mess 

This is going to be good. 
I may take some wrong turns, but each one is a new opportunity 
I will make new friends, a new life while still holding on to the experiences and people who have gotten me where I am 
I have a new perspective, awareness and spark
I am really excited where this decision is going to lead 

This could be a just a pit stop in my journey 
Who knows how long I will be here before moving on 
But I am going to take it all in and enjoy every second of it! 

I am a San Diegan now


November, November

Happy November!
I can not believe it is already November, where oh where does all the time go?
A lot of things are changing this month.
I am a mixed bag of emotions
It won't always be easy but it is something good for me.
I am really excited, and hope to write a lot more about it.

Happy November!
Its a month of thankfulness
And I am thankful for you!

on a side note: Read this story today on MSN.com and my heart swelled with love. Such redemption and goodness out of something that once was so dark and hurtful.
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