Flowers on Tuesday

This weekend I was blessed to help surprise my best friend. You see, she's from the burbs outside of Chicago. All her family is back home and they are all very close! Well her cousin contacted me on facebook to see if I could assist in revealing to my best friend that she (the cousin) was pregnant!! It was so hard keeping the secret! I love surprises so it was well worth it! I was able to get sprinkles cupcakes with little baby bottles on top, get the bfs cousin on skype, and trick the bf into looking at my computer only to see her cousin staring back! We didn't have much time to plan it out perfectly but it turned out wonderfully!

It was really wonderful to see that even with the distance you can still be a part of special things! I was blessed to be a part of their celebration this weekend!

What happened to you that is as good as getting flowers on a tuesday?

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