"The secret of Happiness is freedom,and the secret of freedom, courage"- Thucydides

Happiness. its a choice.
Why is it so hard to choose sometimes?

It means waking up every morning
with a grateful heart, choosing to have a happy attitude
There are so many little things that can chip away at that choice

I am the first to admit, I do not always make the right choice
When it comes to my attitude, tone, willingness
I don't like not having a routine, or not following procedure
I like things the right way- usually my way

But I want to choose to have a better attitude
I want to choose to be helpful not stubborn
I want to choose to be flexible not stuck
I want to always choose happiness even when I really want to shove happiness where it don't shine somedays

I am just itching for something different
Life seems to just be in repeat
Day after Day being the same

There is a lesson in this season of life, I know it
But right now
I will have to make the choice to be happy not content



Love this summer jam...

Christina Perri- Arms


Tweet Tweet

 Who has two thumbs,
and just joined Twitter...

This girl!

Still trying to figure it all out.
I was given a suggestion that Twitter can be a really useful "active resource"
in my job search
acquiring more knowledge in all different areas
taking over the world... I mean...

Let's see if I have anything interesting to say!


My: Inspiration, To Do, Try New Things, List just to have a list: List


This list is something I made awhile ago. I love lists. I make lists to make lists. These are all different kinds of things. Some of them I might not cross off, but I want to try to always be a better version of myself. I want to continually learn from others. I want to try new things. And sometimes you need some encouragement along the way. 
  • Find blogs, magazines, books that inspire my creativity- write about it, journal, make me time 
  • DIY: make distressed picture frames for a wall piece behind my bed (I have all the frames and paint, just waiting for a free weekend to start my adventure!)
  • go antique & vintage scavenging 
  • travel to a new city : Baker City, OR 
  • DIY: go take pictures of objects around a city, make a collage of pictures that spell out a word
  • apply to at least 20 jobs a month until I move to San Diego 
  • read books, magazines, blogs on topics that interest me :
    • Love, Marketing, God, Friendship, Fashion, Food, Makeup, Writing, Living Life, Traveling, Dreams, Blogging 
  • Look into what a "Life Coach" is 
  • Never Settle. Believe in yourself 
  • Encourage others 
  • Email at least one blogger who inspires me and be their friend 
  • Find a mentor  (I was lucky to find a mentor on the internet through a blog I read!)
  • "Be a Friend to have a Friend"
  • Volunteer 
  • send out cards- weekly to friends 
  • Discover and explore things I am passionate about 
    • Breast cancer research, loving others... 
  • spend more time with kids (to be more patient and creative) 
  • Continue to be creative. Use my imagination. 
  • Be Spontaneous
  • Try something new 
  • Do not plane for two weeks 
  • Take a staycation for a weekend - Talking Stick Resort with the Girls for Jenna's grad school celebration 
  • Start a new blog- find a focus for something that will help people 
  • Don't be my worst enemy or critic 
  • Believe in yourself! 
  • Love myself. and others. 
  • Visit Seattle 
  • Write More <3
  • Find a mantra 
    • "Find your purpose and fling your life out to it. Find a way or make one. Try with all your might. Self-made or never made." Oliver Swett Marden : I'm loving this one right now.
  • Make a paiting for my apartment 
  • Color outside the box- Don't limit myself with boundaries
  • Do a DIY project for less than $10
  • Make myself at least one throw pillow 
  • Learn how to sew 
  • Learn graphic design basics 
  • Try not to follow a routine 
  • Decorate with simple things 
  • Have an old movie marathon:
    • Casa Blanca 
    • Gone with the wind 
    • Breakfast at Tiffanys, etc... 
  • Find a friend to help do things on the list 
  • Help a friend create their own list (Nicole, I know you love lists!)
  • Go thrifting more often 
  • Create a new tradition 
  • Practice Yoga 
  • Discover a way to be less stressed 
  • Send a friend a card with my favorite memory of "us" in it 
  • Make my own cards 
  • Do a grocery trip and save more than I spend (raspberries and blackberries were on sale, saved 15.04, spend 8.31!)
  • Create something which makes people feel good 
  • Be open minded 
  • Be happy to help 
  • Get a lot of sleep 
  • Do career interviews 
    • Marketer
    • Life Coach 
    • Enterprenauer 
  • Buy "Love & Sequins"- How to be a love letter to the world 
  • Stop Talking. Start Doing. 
  • Host a party, make it really pretty and yummy 
  • Be an observer 
  • Slow. Down. 
  • Breathe. Be Patient 
  • Make a difference. be ok when it doesn't happen right away 
  • Dream Big. No idea is too small 
  • Don't set unachievable goals with unrealistic deadlines- All in Good Time 
  • Move to San Diego: ETA October 
  • No Limits
  • Find a friend to be creative with (Carley Maier, Priscilla Sanchez, Amanda McMillan... I'm talking to you!) 
  • Forge my own path
  • "Know who you are, to be who you are."
  • "If Nothing changes, nothing changes."
Well, I guess its time for me to get to work!


Its not true until you put it on facebook...

I guess if I am really going to do this, I need to say it out loud.

 I already put it on facebook, but this is the next step... 
Yup, you read that right. I am making it happen, finally
I don't have everything figured out,
but I know it will all fall into place.
I trust that the Lord will provide in the journey
He will place people, opportunities, communities and direction.

I am really excited for this new adventure
though, there are a ton of things that could keep me from going
I need to do this.

It could be a stepping stone
maybe even a short term adventure
Whatever it is, I hope you follow me along the way.




47. Travel Pants

Rule #47... Travel!! It doesn't have to be extravagent, just get away
I am not the world traveler like my friend is
I don't have advice like some well seasoned travelers do
But I sure love to jump on a plane and just go

It clears your mind
You get to escape
Doesn't mean you are running away
But you get to live somewhere that is not your home
There are new restaurants, shopping, outdoor activities, people, daily routine

Last summer I spent a lot of my time traveling
You can read about it here and here and here, just to name a few..
I was in San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, Oklahoma City, Las Vegas and Arizona in between
It was truly a great time for me to get away
Life had changed a lot, and the constant busy-ness made it easier
And traveling was a great way to see friends and go new places

I really hope to do more international traveling eventually
But there are a lot of places I have not been or want to spend more time in that I want to check off my list...

Reno  (I took a road trip already this summer and hit a few places I hadn't been, so I can check them off the list!)
Boise  (Ok,  I had never thought about going to Boise, but I was actually there two weeks ago so its fun to check it off my list!)
Baker City, OR (Seriously, the most beautiful mountains and sceneary I have ever seen are in Eastern Oregon!)
New Orleans
Washington D.C.

I especially love going to places that I can see old friends, meet new friends and make new memories
Here is to another summer of lovely travels
No matter how close or far

Friends, have your couches or extra rooms ready
I am looking for some places to stay
Seriously though, I'm coming to see you!
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