Things I love:Thursdays and Link Mash up!

because he will always be my first true love! Father Daughter dance recital!

Since I missed my Things I love:Thursday post yesterday. And I really want to try to stay with my Friday Links I love; I'm going to do a Mash up on both!

Things I love: Lily has my entire family wrapped around her little finger. At any time you will find my dad on his hands and knees to chase her around, my mom creating a lily-mobile out of an old costco box, blankets and pillows to drag her around the house. She's got us all. Driving into work after a night of rain. The valley is clear, you can see as far as the eye can see, its really beautiful. Mountains. This summer I was fortunate enough to spend some time in Oregon and Northern California, for a girl who has lived in Arizona all her life, I didn't know I was missing out on so much beauty in the mountains. Clouds. I have a weird obsession with them. They are just so beautiful. once again, my Kindle. She is awesome. Spending time with old friends. Fills my heart up. Cleaning and Organizing. as much as I don't like the actual act of it, the end result is glorious. 30% off codes to my favorite store. love frannies!  Secrets. I am soo bad at keeping them, but I love them! I have two secret I have to keep right now! eeeee!  San Diego. I love being there and I can not believe I am moving there! insert big bag of mixed emotions here. Bon Iver. saw them and it was uh-mazing.  and of course, I love love.

Friday Links I love:*
I thought this article on one of my favorite sites was good, I mean really good.

Another place I want to add to my growing travel list. Salzburg, Austria. Yes Please!

I have found a few quotes I really enjoyed this week: Here is one of them. Do you believe?

Yummmmm.... Definitely want to try this out!

Because I have a new love... What books are must reads??

*Sorry this was a weak attempt to a Frinks update...

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