101 in 1001 days... its a brand new day!

So I have a few friends that have made these lists I decided I wanted to as well! I guess I have been sitting on it for a few weeks to make my own, and since it is a start of the new year tomorrow its not so much a resolution but a challenge to myself! But here I go!

Start Date: 1.01.09
End Date: 09.29.11

This is my 101 in 1001 days...

#1. cook 3-4 meals a week for a month.
#2. make a new recipe for something good.
#3. graduate college
#4. pay off my car
#5. buy a house
#6. go visit a friend out of state
#7. read 1 new book for 6 months (3/6)
#8. recommend one of the books I read to a friend 02.03.09
#9. Go camping with friends
#10. Throw a Dinner party once a month for 3 months
#11. Take my dad out on a date
#12. walk the 60 mile in san diego again
#13. travel to a state I haven't been to before
#14. update my blog daily for a month
#15. go wine tasting in northern california
#16. find a wine I actually like
#17. find a church that I enjoy going too
#18. read a book of the bible I haven't read before
#19. watch all the movies that are still in plastic in my dvd collection
#20. go to Target and only buy what I went there for
#21. learn a trick on my snowboard
#22. go snowboarding in Big Bear
#23. clean out my closet
#24. Not watch tv for a full week
#25. Make my grandma's homemade donuts
#26. Take a yoga class 3 times a week for 3 months
#27. Ride my bike 15 miles
#28. Have a picnic on the beach
#29. Hike Camelback Mountain
#30. Buy a Nice Camera
#31. Babysit Brody and Hendrix without Sara being around
#32. Paint a Full 16 Piece Dish Set at As You Wish
#33. Take my mom to As You Wish
#34. Walk 2- 3day Breast Cancer 60 mile walks in a year
#35. Get Straight A's in College
#36. Go hang out with my sister in Maricopa
#37. Make dinner with Heather
#38. Volunteer with Kids
#39. Make my mom's biscuits and gravy
#40. Go to Europe again
#41. Go to Hawaii
#42. Take a spin class
#43. Leave my cell phone at home for a whole weekend- on purpose
#44. Pay off my computer
#45. Invest in something- probably not stocks right now...
#46. Go visit my brother after he is married
#47. write through a full journal
#48. Watch the Ball drop Live in NY on New Years
#49. Go fourwheeling
#50. Only use Fundraised money for a 3day walk- no asking family & friends-
#51. Go on a double date with my parents and Joey
#52. Throw a Party
#53. Have lunch/dinner with Jess H.
#54. Go to a Suns Game
#55. Go to a Diamondbacks game and eat a hotdog
#56. Write a short story
#57. Save all my change for 1001 days and buy new clothes with that
#58. Don't go to starbucks for a month
#59. Visit Linda and Warren in Tucson without my parents
#60. Go on a Cruise with girlfriends
#61. Make pasta from scratch
#62. Take a cooking class
#63. Go paintballing
#64. Buy a strangers dinner without them knowing it
#65. Call everyone back once they call me for a month (i dislike talking on the phone!)
#66. Sell a piece of Equipment at work
#67. Have a movie marathon day with Laurie
#68. Apply for a scholarship
#69. Run more than a mile 3 days a week for a month
#70. Take Brody to the Arizona Science Center
#71. Go on a roadtrip with Joey to Monterrey
#72. Gamble in Vegas
#73. Babysit Avery overnight
#74. Make a new close friend from ASU
#75. Beat my dad at Bowling
#76. Bake Irish Cream Cake for my sister
#78. Visit Priscilla in San Jose
#79. Go back to Hume with Priscilla
#80. Have Joey's mom teach me to make tamales and homemade tortillas
#81. Get calf muscles!
#82. Try a new restaurant I haven't been to before
#83. Take Joey to Ruth Chris
#84. Make fondue
#85. Be in a Wedding
#86. Write a living will
#87. Write letters to Lauren in New York
#88. Visit Lauren in New York
#89. Spend a whole day in bed reading
#90. Buy a TV
#91. Take Joey to Sprinkles Cupcakes for a Datenight
#92. Go to a Resort for a weekend in Scottsdale
#93. Have girls night with Sara once a week for 3 months
#94. Make a real scrapbook
#95. Go to 5 other Ditch witch dealerships
#96. Go to the Ditch Witch Factory
#97. Go to the Zoo in another state
#98. Write a letter to Oprah
#99. Do blog posts on the things I have done and Document it with pictures
#100. Have a sleep over with Sara and the boys (brody and hendrix)
#101. Finish everything on my list in time


Feliz Navidad!

It is Christmas Eve's Eve! I am sooo excited about Christmas. I am not just excited about receiving, I'm excited about giving! I love to give people presents, when you see them smile it just makes you feel like Woo Hoo! I did a great job! There is so much that I am thankful for right now! My mom is here with me and I get to talk to her everyday! I get to work with my dad and family! I have a new sister to be! I have a job! I have a home and amazing friends! I just hope people really see that Christmas isn't just about what you are getting, but what you already have and what you can do for others! Yay! Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Happy Hankkuah! Whatever it may be, I hope your day is fabulous and bright!


Muddy Buddies

i dont really know how to say what is in my heart right now. i dont want to falsify a relationship that wasn't there but my heart is torn for someone i would consider more than an acquaintance but not quite a constant friend. this person was not an everyday staple in my life but a lot of my memories with a lot of my friends, he is there. it makes me sad for him and all his close friends that it has ended the way it has. if i could take their hurt, anger, wonder away i wish i could. its so odd to me how small this world is. i was connected to this person through two different set of friends and even though he was not a close friend, i feel the saddness too. relationships are such a catch22... they can make you so very happy, yet they can hurt so bad when they are over, expectedly or not. again i dont know how to explain exactly what my heart is dealing with right now, i just know it is sad for those ones in my life.


may angels lead you in...

There's no one in town I know
You gave us some place to go.
I never said thank you for that.
I thought I might get one more chance.
What would you think of me now,
so lucky, so strong, so proud?
I never said thank you for that,
now I'll never have a chance.
May angels lead you in.

Hear you me my friends.
On sleepless roads the sleepless go.
May angels lead you in.
So what would you think of me now,
so lucky, so strong, so proud?
I never said thank you for that,
now I'll never have a chance.
May angels lead you in.

Hear you me my friends.
On sleepless roads the sleepless go.
May angels lead you in.
May angels lead you in.
May angels lead you in.

And if you were with me tonight,
I'd sing to you just one more time.
A song for a heart so big,
god wouldn't let it live.

May angels lead you in.
Hear you me my friends.
On sleepless roads the sleepless go.
May angels lead you in.
May angels lead you in.
Hear you me my friends.

On sleepless roads the sleepless go.
May angels lead you in.
May angels lead you in.


Guilty Pleasures

So today I was thinking about a few of my guilty pleasures. All these things give me unnecessary joy when I think about them, endulge in them, are around them, or anything! So here is my list:

10. Long hot showers... and when I say long, I mean loooooooong! Its one of the only places I can really relax and be alone!

9. Starbucks... This makes me especially happy when I can get peppermint white chocolate mochas, even though they are not especially nice to my hips! =]

8. As You Wish pottery store! This is my ABSOLUTE favorite place to be! I am not that artistic but it is just fun to see something you made come to life! And its a fun place to take the boyfriend!

7. Ok, the boyfriend is a guilty pleasure of mine! He is just totally awesome and makes me laugh a lot! We can talk about everything which is neat, and I love how our conversations go anywhere and everywhere! One minute its politics the next its trying to teach each other our special noises we can make!!

6. This one is fitting for the holiday season but I love love love to give gifts to people! I especially like when its something they aren't expecting! That is the best feeling!

5. Hanging out with my brother! That is still one of those kid sister things. I just think he is totally awesome and want to spend as much time with him as I can!

4. A spoon of peanut butter dipped in m&ms! That has got to be one of my favorite sweet things to have!

3. Wearing sweaters that are way to big for me! I love to just cuddle up in them!

2. Shopping at Target. That place is just the greatest! I can go just walk around the store for hours and NEVER get bored or want to go home! Its definitely a money trap but I love it sooo much!

And last but not least, my biggest guilty pleasure is....

1. FLAMIN' HOT CHEETOS! Soooooo good!!!
I have to say, I hate to admit that I like these things so much but they are just too good!!!


Welcome to My Blog!

So the first post wasn't a very welcoming post! So I decided I would do that now! I have been wanting to do a blog for awhile and last night just seemed like the perfect time to do so. I hope I can keep up to date and just write whatever I feel is going on! Welcome Welcome! <3



I am sure, or at least I hope, I am not the only one in this world that has expectations. I wake up every morning with preconceived expectations of how my day will be, what traffic will be like and what conversations I will have with certain people. I have expectations of how my family, friends and strangers will act, react and be. The problem with these expectations is that they are often nothing like what "real" life is.

I am starting to feel that these expectations I have of people are just a way to disappoint myself, and prove that humans are selfish by nature and there is nothing you can do. Why is it that when someone does something that is not what you expected, you are the one hurt or disappointed?! I have expectations of how my friends should be regardless of who they are dating, how busy their schedule is or what their life has thrown their way because I have those same expectations for myself under the same circumstances. Be a friend, through and through. Its sad to be on the two way street, meeting halfway in the middle with no one following through on the other side.

I am sensitive, there is nothing I can do to change that, I have tried, if I could I would but, I can't! I take things to heart, I wear my heart on my sleeve, I expect good things from everyone in my life, I am not perfect, I don't expect a hell of a lot (to be honest) but often my expectations are not reached.

How do you stop feeling disappointed, hurt, or used when the expectations you have for someone are not met by them, even if its without their knowledge? Its a path with no start or end, you go around and around trying to figure out how you can make these feelings go away because they are not worth it. There are so many more issues in the world besides a friend only needing you when you're convenient for them. There are so many more people suffering in the world besides a girl who is hurt by the lack of effort in a friendship. This is another reason I am selfish by nature, which I hate so much, I can't not feel these feelings when my expectations are not met because my hurt is greater than others to me. These expectations not met by others are nothing in the real world, but they are real to me...

The expectations I hold for today are the same as yesterday and the same as tomorrow.
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