Oldies, but Goodies...

I am in an oldies kind of mood.

Growing up my family had a Best of Motown CD, we would always play it while we did sunday cleaning somehow, we always ended up in the kitchen singing along with the songs using utensils as our microphones...

I loved those days. I love these memories with my family

Here are a few of the favorites

The Four Tops- I can't help myself:

The Temptations- Ain't too Proud to Beg

Bill Withers- Ain't No Sunshine when she's gone



I love this song... and it is so true..
No More Settlin' for anything less than everything


Let the Countdown begin...

Since I can remember, life has always been a countdown
It was a countdown to Christmas break, Spring Break, Summertime
Countdowns to birthdays, vacations, concerts or sleepovers

People count months, years, decades of anniversaries
We count down time til we see our friends who live far away, family who live in other states.
It is always a countdown to something in the future
Once we know how to look forward towards something
That's all we seem to do

Having a new baby in the family has given me a whole new perspective
Whether it be on life, love, family
Its an eye and heart opening experience
To re-evaluate what I am living my life for...

Since my niece arrived, I don't want to countdown...
I don't want her to grow up too fast
She has already changed so much, life is happening too quickly with her here
I want to enjoy everyday that she is here, I don't want to miss a thing from counting down my life...

As I wrote earlier, life is all about timing
Life for me could be a countdown...
I could countdown til May (One year since graduation/a year of being single)
Countdown the holidays, trips, Birthdays

But I am not going to count my life down
I am going to live my life to the fullest
Welcome each day and only look forward to the events of those days

Never too much to ask...

 I couldn't have said it better... 

"I am looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous. Inconvenient. Consuming. Can't live without each other LOVE."- Carrie Bradshaw 

I am not saying that I expect it to come right away...
It will take time, and I am more than ok with that 
I just know that I am ready to start that journey again

But, I think this is the kind of love that everyone desires.
The kind of love that everyone deserves 
The kind of love that I want to give someone...

Natalie Closner - A Little More

I am not going to settle on an ordinary life
I am not going to forfeit a BIG love 
What I want, what I deserve is worth waiting for
Regardless of how short or long it takes
I will not settle, ever again...

This song is just so beautiful to me.
It spoke so much truth to me during a tough time
Too good not to share.

Thanks Manders for sharing it with me when I needed it most! xoxox



Ohh Ray.

Ray LaMontange- Crazy (Gnarls Barkley Cover)


Happy Birthday Miss Lil!

My niece was born today. The adventure is about to begin. I can not imagine life without her here!

Lily's Mimi and Poppa <3

It is an amazing feeling. I had no idea your heart could explode from love.
That you could be so filled with joy, love, hope, fear, excitement, worry with one sight of that little bundle of perfection.

She is perfect. absolutely. not denying it. perfection.

The love I have for her is undeniable. strong. pure. big. true. unconditional. LOVE.

God, thank you for this precious gift in my life. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to love someone this special. Thank you for putting Lily in our lives, but especially my life. The hole that I had in my heart, was instantly filled with the love I carry for her. I love this little one more than life itself already... 


Send Me The Moon

I am obsessed with this whole CD but I am especially loving this song right now...

"I can live with your Ghost, if you say that's the most I'll get"

Timing is everything...

One thing that I am learning is
Life is ALL about Timing

There is a reason that the moments in our lives happen when they do. 

It took me some time to figure this one out
I am a control freak, I want to know who, what, when and where life is going.

Most of the time, I don't want to wait for timing... but its not up to me.
Life happens when it is supposed to happen
Every small moment in our lives, even if it doesn't seem significant, shapes who and what we become.

Sometimes, timing is not always right.
But one thing I am learning, timing is never wrong.

It is what it is.

But, 90% of life is about timing
so instead of wishing away my time, I am just going to embrace it, and make the best of it that I can.

I am living life for the first time in a long time
to its fullest...
I want to always live life to the fullest.


I am so blessed by the friendships I have
I have a core group of girlfriends that I am beyond grateful for
They have my back, through it all, some are newer friendships, others have blossomed through college, one has even come back in my life from when we were kids.
I have the most amazing group of girls, and God truly put them in my life when I needed them most.

This weekend, though short, we were able to escape from the city, go up to the beautiful Red Rock country of Sedona, and just spend quality time together.
These memories we are making are ones I will hold on too for life.

Marisa and I, had to make a quick trip back down to the Valley this morning because my precious niece has decided she wants to come out and party with us!

My sister is in labor! ahhhhh so excited!

As I sit here and wait to get the call to go to the hospital, I am going to post some pictures of Sedona, reflect on life, and just be thankful for everything that I have going on.

Love to love you all... xoxo

My Loves

Truly surrounded by some of God's best creations

With my girls at top of Schnebly Hill Vista in Sedona 

Thanks for all the wonderful memories girls


Amore... Love... Ahave...

L is for Love.
Its no surprise that I love love.

I say it in almost every post, I talk about it all the time
Its my word
I just believe in Love
and nothing will stop me from it
no amount of heartache, or disappointment
I know its what I was meant to do...

One of my precious friends, Lauren , Loves love as much as I do!
I think this is why we both get along so well
Lauren always has a smile on her face
and a comforting Hug to give.
She is intentional and I just love to be around her and soak up her sunshine

She recently posted a picture that one of our friends sent her from New York and I just couldn't stand not reposting it!

Thanks Lauren for sharing in Love with me! xoxo

I'm doin this!

My sweetheart of a gal pal Rachael sent this over last night, how precious is this? I wanna make one just like it and post it all over!

Thanks, Rach! xo

Happy Things

These things make me happy:

leaving my apartment and the air being cold on my skin

halloween oreo's- the only ones I buy

flowers unexpectedly, lillies preferably


late night phone calls

crunching leaves

fall... i love the fall

love, i love love...

sending letters

Punk goes Crunk cd

Buying new gym clothes

Ray LaMontagne


Yet another one...

Another Lesson I am learning through this process of rediscovery is...

You don't always get what you think you want, but its probably because God and the universe are opening you up for what you truly deserve, which is almost always better than what you thought you wanted.

As the Great Garth Brooks says:

Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers

Remember when you're talkin' to the man upstairs
That just because he doesn't answer doesn't mean he don't care
Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayer


On Repeat...

possible new theme song... I think so.
Next Best Thing- Nikki & Rich


Happy Birthday!

This post is going to be two different ones combined...

Today is my momma's birthday! She is 21 for the 32nd time! And I could not be more blessed by someone in my life. Yes, there are times when we both drive each other crazy.
But I am more and more like my momma everyday.

For instance. yesterday I was stressing out about something, then my mom picked me up and she was stressing out about something too, and in my head I was just laughing at us because we do the same thing.

My mom is really good at making everyone she is around feel special. I feel so lucky to know, she passed this down to me. I might not do it as well as she does, but she taught me to love people how they feel loved and I am trying to perfect it at a young age!

My mom is my hero for so many reasons.
She never forgets stuff
She always loves
She laughs at herself
She is an encourager
She worries far too often
but one of the biggest reason my momma is my hero is because she is my survivor...

*this is the other part of the blog I wanted to do*

Its October... If you are watching football, walking through the mall, grocery store, anywhere you will see PINK
Its Breast Cancer Awareness Month-

Here is my Breast Cancer story...
My aunt passed away of breast cancer in 2001.
Its one of my earliest memories of the situation.
It was my mom's sister, my mom's best friend really
It was my Aunt Dee- always happy, always smiling, always with the best shoes!
Since she had passed, I would always think about Aunt Dee, everytime I buy a new pair of shoes I think of her and how she would probably love them!


April 29,2008
My dad called my sister and I, and told us to come to the house.
I didn't realize this day would change my life so drastically... all of our lives actually
I made my sister drive because I couldn't really think straight.
I don't really remember everything because it was kind of a blur
but I do know, when you see those people collapse because they are devastated its because their knees just buckle...
as dramatic as it seems, it just happened.
They told us, she had Breast Cancer...

it was the scariest  moment in my life.
This is MY mom, this can NOT be happening
then you feel like you are ALL alone, the only family going through this

But truth is we arent, we aren't the only family thathas been through this.
we went through surgeries, chemo, radiation...
I was the emergency contact on my mom's medical forms and I was the baby of the family

We picked out wigs, went to classes on what to expect, golden spoon after surgeries
as awful as this situation was for my momma, she was always OUR rock.
I know she leaned on my dad a lot, but to us kids she could do anything

She walked the breast cancer 3day, 12 days out of chemo!
Bald head, never slept in a tent, sick from the chemo
walked EVERY STEP of the 60+ miles (the trail is 60 miles but you walk from 530am on a friday to 530pm on a sunday anywhere you go)
without complaining, mind you!

its been over two years since that time in our life
I am a different person from it, as is my momma
but her story is so powerful
She encouraged so many people in their lives by sharing her experience

Thank you for being my survivor
You never know how much I love you.

To all the Survivors, Fighters, Family Members, People who lost their battles... you are not alone. there is only love for you. we will beat this all together. 
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