Flowers on Tuesday

Last week I was celebrated for my birthday all. week. long!
It was really special, and my mom did it all!
She is wonderful at loving people how they feel loved the most
I could not be more blessed by the parents, family and friends that I have!
I hope I have inherited the skills in making other people feel special

And it rain today! But, I am sick with a cold
I am the biggest baby when I don't feel well...

This is a short one, but I am beyond grateful for the special time I had with my family and friends for this birthday celebration!

As my time winds down here in Arizona, it gets harder and harder to believe I am about to make a really big change in my life.
But I am excited. terrified. but excited!

1 comment:

  1. Your mom seems like such a sweet heart. Glad you had a great birthday : )


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