Random Fact: I say I hate math and numbers, but really I don't. Just hasn't always been my specialty. But I love consecutive numbers, and this year my birthday is 9.10.11! How cool is that for the math nerd inside of me! 

Well we all know I love lists.
I have made inspiration lists, adventure lists this last year
This one kind of is the same thing
It is 25 things I want to do when I am 25...

I wanted to make them challenging, but realistic.
Financially possible, but outside my box.
Stimulating, but adventurous and meaningful.
I wanted to make them me, but help develop my passions, likes and desires.

Here are 25 things to do and see when I am 25...
If there is something you'd like to help me with, I would love to have you along for the adventure

  1. Read at least 12 books- one a month
    a.   Pride and Prejudice, must be one of those.
  2. Move to San Diego
  3. Volunteer at a hospital
  4. Go on a date. by myself.
  5. Invest in a hobby
  6. Go to a NFL game
  7. Run a 5k.
  8. Watch “Gone with the Wind”
  9.  Join a small group/book club
  10.  Go salsa dancing
  11.  Take a day off to go on an adventure
  12.  Watch every season of HIMYM 
  13.  Visit a friend in a different city/or state
  14.  Try ‘The Bar Method’ work out
  15.  Throw a themed dinner party
  16.  Visit the Monterey Aquarium
  17.  Write a letter to my former self
  18.  Make bread from scratch
  19.  Visit the Golden Gate Bridge
  20.  Write a business plan for a business idea
  21.  Create a new tradition
  22.  Learn how to shoot a gun
  23.  Try Bikram or Hot Yoga
  24.  Come up with a personal Motto
  25.  Learn how to sew. 

I am going to put it up on the side of my blog so there are always visible and a constant reminder! I hope to tell you about each of them that I accomplish!
Would you want to make a list of things you'd like to do this year? What types of adventures do you want to cross off your list?

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