Things I love: Thursday

Things I am loving this week or always...

Lily sneezes. baby sneezes are the best. Halloween Oreo's- they are the only ones I allow myself to buy. Fall, everything Fall. The colors, the smells, the tastes, the weather bring it on Fall! Motown station on Pandora. It is the best for packing and cleaning.  Packing... wait,  I don't love packing but the reason I am packing. Weight Watchers! Hello, Two Year Anniversary! Dr. Pepper. counterintuitive to aforementioned love, but it keeps me going at work! Moving to San Diego in X# of days! eeeeee! The secret I am having to keep. sooo hard, but so worth it. Someone is about to turn One! Liiiiiiily! Football and beer. No better way to spend a sunday with my best friend. Dinner dates with Tori. Family dinners. about to become the norm. Emailing back and forth with a good friend. talking about you, Megan!  and of course, I love love.


  1. I love your blog design. Especially the header. :)

  2. I just had to tell you that I love your blog.
    I found it on the comments for one of Katie's(katiespencilbox) posts.

    What are halloween oreos btw?

  3. @Coco- Thank you!

    @Katie- Thanks1 Haha, they are the oreos with the orange filling! It's a mental thing, they don't taste any different but they are the only ones I like to have! :)


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