At a lost for words

Sometimes, I want what I have to say here to be profound, insightful, important.
I don't want to just ramble on and on, though sometimes that helps
Really, I am my own audience.
What I say here is because it is on my heart and mind
It needs to come out, so this is my little place to do so.

Well right now, I have either too much or nothing on my heart and mind.
I am pretty sure its the first of these two options
I can't seem to form a sentence, choose an idea or topic to write about.

There are a lot of things which are changing in these next few weeks.
Part of me is questioning if this is what God wants or what I want.
I want to feel God in my choices, decisions
I trust Him
But right now, I am being my own devils advocate.

I am stressed, worried, still feeling sad and hurt...
I am excited, overwhelmed, blessed and hopeful for what is to come.

I am basically a big ball of all kinds of emotions.
Not sure if I want to cry or laugh.
So I am just going to breathe and smile.
and probably binge eat on some halloween oreos

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