Frinks to Love

I was jammin' to my song
and typed Frinks, instead of Friday Links to Love 
But I like it, so I am keeping it.

That's what we do here
Make up our own words and rules
Well, I missed last weeks links
ps... how fast is time flying by?!

Here are some links you might enjoy this week:

100 Years of Style: what is your favorite decade?  Mine is definitely the 40s and 50s

If you could tell your 20-something self anything: I'm not sure I know what I would say but maybe, the best is still to come.
Falling in love: God, draw me closer in whatever way you have too... 
Have an beauty question... here is your girl! Love her creativity and her heart.
To love yourself as you are is a miracle: Another letter to a past self. If you could go back and tell yourself anything, during anytime of your life what would you say? 
Tried to make these once, definitely didn't turn out like this. maybe i will try this again: Birthday In a Jar 
Loans in general have always scared me. But Yiiikes. Something needs to change with student loans. But this has great advice

Cry like an expert:  If you know me, you know I cry. I try to control it but this is how God has pieced me together, with a sensitive heart that breaks for others easily and I am not afraid to show my emotions. I don't think it makes me a weaker person, it makes me more compassionate. But here are some tips on crying! 
And now that you know how to cry like an expert. test it out on this video. a love like this is what I dream of. 

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