About Me

Oh, why hello Beautiful!

Welcome! This is my ocean front property. My white picket fence. A space to be me. And I would love to share it with you. Here is just a little bit about me...

I am just a girl dancing through life, trying to find and be the best version of myself.
The three things I hold most dear to my heart are God, Family and Friends.

I like just a little bit of coffee with my cream.
The only Oreo's I eat are the Halloween flavor.
I love exclamation points!
I am on a pursuit on finding out who I am.
I prefer heels but wear sandals everyday. Hello Arizona Native!
If I had to eat a piece of food everyday for the rest of my life, and calories didn't count: I would pick the freshest, crispiest piece of perfect ice cold watermelon, everytime.
I love making lists. and crossing items off said lists.  
I don't really eat sweets but will never turn down gummi and sour candy.
I can't draw a stick figure at all, but dream of having my own stationary line.
I am obsessed with love. not in a pathetic way.

I love all things lovely

This is my heart. What I share here are small scenes on the puzzle pieces that make up my life. I hope when I can look back on the completed work of my life it is filled with happiness, triumph and lots of love!
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