want to get on my friend...ship

42. Friendships change... and that's ok! 

This could be one of the most important lessons I have learned as an adult. 
Its hard when things change, but especially when friendships change. 

I am a fixer. 
Always have been. 
I would rather work on something, than give up
Especially when its a friend I have had for years 

This kind of goes with my last lesson, 
God places people in our lives when we need them most 
That best friend you had in high school might not play the same role in your twenties 
The childhood friend you didn't talk to through high school and college may come back and be even more important than they were the first time 

Some of the best and easiest friendships are ones that don't have expectations 
The one's that create their own rules as they go 

I have learned that friendships are always changing 
just like most other relationships 
and sometimes its hard to let them go, but you don't have too 
You just have to accept that they are different now than they were before 

Don't put unrealistic expectations on someone or yourself
Don't try to recreate what was already there 
Just be who you are, and see how that person now fits into your life 

Change is hard, but its ok

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