Snapshot of life

40. The bigger picture is a lot better than you can imagine

Sometimes it is hard to remember the bigger picture
Life is a series of snapshots
It doesn't all come together at the same time
A situation which is really awful, hard, disappointing during one snapshot
Adds to the beauty that is life.

God has a plan
And I am realizing, it is not always easy
It is not going to be perfect
But I want to give him thanks, even for the hard times of life
Because, they are going to make me better, and stronger.

I have learned so much about myself this last year.
I have made bad decisions, I left my heart unguarded, I got fooled at times.
But I am better for all of the snapshots which are adding up to be my beautiful story!

It is hard to remember sometimes
but I hope I always can look at my current snapshot
and know its going to be part of my unique created story

The bigger pictures is better than we can imagine...

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