Flowers on Tuesday

Sometimes when you need some encouragement, you should try encouraging someone else.
I figured out a few years ago; you have to be a friend to have a friend.
I truly believe if you throw a little love and encouragement out there whether you need it yourself or not
It will come back to you tenfold, if you are genuine about your love and encouragement

I love cards
and who doesn't love getting a card in the mail... nobody, unless its bills- those can stay away.

I have found some really cute 'Thinking of you' cards
which I will send out to friends here and there
but I also like to decorate or write my own cards

Target is a great place to find little packages of cards
Just recently I went and found these fun turquoise and coral colored blank cards
and you can actually go to a website and use templates they have to print your own stuff on the cards!
I will be crafting up some encouragement later this week
Keep your eyes open for some love my friends xo

Any other ideas on sending love and encouragement out into the Universe!?

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