Things I love: Thursday

The sniffing game Lily and I play. She won't remember it when she gets older, but I can't wait to tell her it was 'our thing'. Getting fresh flowers on Tuesday. Very sweet <3. God's grace is pretty remarkable. Spending hours reading about someone's passion that inspires my own. Meeting up with old friends and talking til the place kicks us out. Finishing a good book. Starting another one. I am on a serious book kick right now. Celebrating my Dad's birthday. Happy Birthday Papa!  Realizing, I am gonna be ok! More than ok! How to be a love-letter to the Universe. And the O.G. of Things I love:Thursday.  Garlic dip from Pita Jungle. Ben Rector- The Beat. and when a heart breaks. Sending out some love. My new red dress. it really is red, and on sale for 18$ in stores! With a new yellow necklace. Laying by the pool. Sweet Home Alabama. Swooooon... I want to have pick at any Tiffany's ring I want... wait, thats just in the movies? Crap. and of course, I love love.

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