46. Get mad, real mad

Lesson 46. Its ok to be mad at God, let him know when you are- He already knows anyways...

Sometimes we want to live in a bunnies and rainbows kind of world
Where nothing goes wrong,
Everything works out always.
I mean, shoot, we always want to live in that kind of world

but, that doesn't exist.
Life happens
It happens everyday
Somedays it goes in a manner which we can be really excited and want this day continue
Somedays, you want to spend the whole day in fetal position under the covers

You don't have to pretend with God
You don't have to act like everything is going fabulously, when its not
You don't have to smile at Him, when all you want to do is cry

He wants you to be real with Him
He wants you to be honest with Him
He wants you to know that it won't always go your way
He has a bigger plan than you can even imagine waiting for you.

So get mad when you need to get mad
Let it out
because He is listening
He is there with open arms
So once you stop kicking and hitting, He can embrace you.

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