Heart Matters

Sometimes, it is so hard to follow your heart
especially when it feels like its hurting,
or going against what your heart really wants 
But this is when you have to trust the Lord

Lord, I am trusting in your plan. 
Your plan is bigger than I can imagine. 
I trust that You want only good for me. 

His plans are better, more beautiful, stronger, more fulfilling
than any plan I could ever try to pull together. ever ever.

Sometimes that great love story you were trying to create
is really one of those straight to DVD stories
because you were trying to produce it, direct it, edit it, do the costuming and picking the actors in your story.

It doesn't work that way.
I am not in control of this part of my story.
I am learning to truly Trust the Lord's plan for my heart matters...

I have been reading a new book, Classic Christianity by Bob George,
and to be honest, at first my heart was not open to it
it felt too preachy, boastful and a little too macho...
but that is probably how I was reading it.
Earlier this week, I needed some place to feel God
I picked up the book...

I needed the Lord to speak to my heart. I needed my heart to be open to the message.

And the words on the pages began to pop out to me. 
Grace. Beloved. Alive. Mercy. Love. Trust Forgiven. 
over. and over. and over again. 

I am the Lord's beloved. 
He chooses me, everytime.
Trust the Lord. really, really trust Him.
He is jealous for me. for ME- even with my sinful nature, being spiritually dead, the mistakes I make on the daily.  
He, Creator of all things, is jealous for me...
His mercy and grace are an ocean.
He loves me, always.
He wants to be my main squeeze.

He has forgiven me for the mistakes I can't forgive myself for. and tells me I need to forgive myself, that is no way to live.
He loves me even the parts that I don't think anyone else could love. And if a person can't love those things about me, then they don't deserve to try to love me.
He has made me alive. and He wants me to live a life through Him. which is more satisfying than I can imagine.

Its hard to even try to comprehend, in the smallest amount, how vast God's love is for me, you, us.
Let alone accept his unfaltering, undeserving, unconditional love
Its hard to believe His consistent desire for me to be near Him
His incredibly warm embrace.

But, I am here.
I know I can be loved, because I am His Beloved.

i am my beloved's 
and his desire is for 
song of solomon 7:10 *

Prayer for the day: Creator of all things beautiful and complicated. I pray I can trust in Your master plan. I will let go of my need to control and my thinking I can do it better. I pray I can always accept Your love, without question because You never question Your love for me.

*Thanks Carley.

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  1. you're welcome, girl :) i love God :) he is so amazing.


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