Flowers on Tuesday

This weekend I was able to take a trip to San Diego.
Everytime I am there, I feel more and more certain God is leading me there
My mind has been consumed with concerns, thoughts, dreams, uncertainties lately
And when I was there, those things seemed to dissipate.
My mind was less consumed
I was able to relax, and let things be as they are.

While I was there, I had a really wonderful time with my brother and my sister in law.
Life goes normally over there. Don't have to entertain, or always be doing something.
We went to Stone Brewery, its beautiful you must go.
We shared lots of appetizers and had yummy dessert, it tasted of melted fruit roll up and was delish!
I saw old friends while at karaoke night, and had some an amazing time people watching
Met new friends, and had possibly the best worship at Mosaic: San Diego. ever.

Overall, I have been in a funk as of late.
But this trip was a great relief in my week.
I have so much to look forward too
I just need to be patient during this time.

What unexpected goodness happened this week for you? Was it like, getting flowers on tuesday?

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