I always fall for ideas
I get sucked up into what it could be
instead of what is right in front of me
instead of what it truly is.

Have you ever come up with an idea of a dress you want?
You build it in your mind, and you go looking for it and can't find it anywhere..
I am pretty sure that happens to me every birthday.

Or have an idea of what your dream job is?
Then you search and search for it, and it is nothing like you imagined.

Worst yet, have you ever had an idea of what your life would be like at a certain time of your life?
And then you get to that time, and life is nothing like what you had hoped for or dreamed of.
You created this idea, that can't really be reached.

Maybe this is all because we think we have more control than we do
Its because its so hard to Trust God's plan since you don't know what it is
These ideas are better than what you are living right now
They seem more fulfilling

I wish the idea of something was harder to fall for
and easier to let go of. 

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