Flowers on Tuesday

Flowers on Tuesday, is a new segment I have been thinking about incorporating.
Awhile ago, I was really excited to start blogging more
but of course, I got caught up in my own life and traveling this summer
oh and applying for jobs!

But, who doesn't love flowers on a tuesday?
This segment is going to be unexpected things that I am thankful for.
Unexpected things that bring a smile to my face
Doing unexpected things for others.

I am not as prepared this week as I would have hoped but there was definitely something unexpected that happened this week, which was like getting flowers on a tuesday.

My brother and his wife came in town for the weekend
We got to swim with the doggies, spend time with our niece, and just laugh together.
It was really nice

and I am going to San Diego this weekend!
Another unexpected treat to my hellacious week.
Going to spend time with my brother and sister in law, spend time with friends and do some karaoking!
Get to know the city I am going to call home in just a couple short months!


What was something unexpected that happened to you this week?

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