Sensitive Heart

I have always had a very, very, veeeery sensitive heart.
I am the typical, wear your heart on your sleeve, kind of lady
I love to talk about feelings with people
Unless they include my own
I only do that when I want too...

But, I cry.
It just often happens
Happy times
Sad times
while laughing
when I am tired
I see a commercial that tugs at my heart strings (I'm looking at you Nike commercial where the dad comes home to play basketball with his little girl...yea, that easy!)
I see an older person eating dinner alone
Especially when I see someone else crying

It just happens
And I have tried to decide
Is this a weakness?
Does this make me more vulnerable?
Do people take me less seriously because I show my feelings easily?
Will someone love this sensitive and heart wearing sleeve girl?


But, I saw this today and it tugged on me.
My tears don't make me weak
They let me know I am alive
I feel my emotions, all of them and express them
Some people might not like it, or choose it

But its me.
God blessed me with a
And I like it!

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