41. There isn't a redo button in life


41. You only get one chance to live this life, it's too long to be stuck or do things you don't want too...

This lesson is one I am continually learning and realizing.
As simple as it is, I think sometimes we forget we only get this one chance
Why do we put ourselves through misery, thinking this is the best it will get?

Are you stuck in a job you hate? It makes you less than excited to wake up every morning?
Quit! Yes, its risky! Yes it is hard, but you only live this life once!
Stop living a life you don't want.

Have you lived in the same place all your life? Do you want to challenge yourself or make a change?
Move! Yes, its scary. Yes, it is hard but you only live this life once!
Start living a life you want.

Are you in a relationship that doesn't make you happy? Do you know its wrong, but it's easier to stay?
Leave! Yes, it hurts, really really bad, even when you know its the right decisions! Yes, its hard but you only live this life once!
Trust the Lord's plans for your life.

Are you unhappy with your body? Do you feel uncomfortable in your skin?
Change! Yes its easier to complain. Yes its hard to take those steps but you only live this life once!
Start exercising, eating right and take some control of your life.

Do you lack inspiration, motivation, zeal? Do you wonder why everyone else's life is more glamorous, adventurous, wonderful?
Explore! Yes it takes time! Yes, its hard but you only live this life once!
Get out there, and discover your passion and dreams to inspire others to live their life, fully.

Its a cycle.
Repeat (but hopefully, in another area of your life you'd like to perk up, don't repeat the same area or you need to go back to the Action step and see how it can evoke the change you need!)

You just have to become aware of the things that are causing you not to fully enjoy this life we have here and now. It is not always an easy decision. Even when you are aware, its hard to change some things. But for me, its really important to follow this cycle, so I can get out of the funk I am in. It takes time, it doesn't always come over night.

But I know for me, it was really important for me to remember, I only live this life once. Its too long to settle, Its too important to not be happy.

And that easy button doesn't always work. But there is not redo button in this game of life.

What changes do you want to make, and how are you going to start living life now?

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