Friday, Friday: Linky Love

Hope you all had a fabulous week! I am finally feeling myself again. Had to make the choice to be better, not bitter. Though sometimes it is hard! But I am so blessed. Amazing Family. Incredible Friends. New Adventures ahead of me. How can I not look at my life and say, Thank you God for all you do? even for undeserving me! 

This week I found some different links you might all love as well!

Enjoy your weekend. Stay safe. Shine Bright!

 A man's best friend never leaves his side... so sweet

You all know I love love, but here is just a little reminder

If anyone is currently taking applications for a guy who will swoon you, you should check this guy out!

Sparking some creativity... I definitely have some shoes I could try this with!!

I would have loved to play games with God when I was younger, He has the best imagination #ultimatescifigeek

This is childhood in a bottle! Love it!

I love watching the Foodnetwork Channel and Bobby Flay always has great meals but drinks to go along! Look at the color of it! Would love a dress that color!

I think this salad will be a nice, refreshing treat after this week of 'Excessive Heat Warnings'...boooo!

Happy Friday Friends! Love just because!

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