please... don't

I am an open book.
I am curious about people: where they come from, what they believe, their life experiences
I thrive on getting to know people for exactly who they are, and who they want to be.
but I try soo very hard to never assume I know a person, before I really truly know them.

I can honestly say, I HATE... can not stand... get so annoyed... when people assume they know me because of a few bites of information I have given them

or when they think they still know me, when they haven't put any effort into our friendship in weeks, months, years...

so please... don't assume you know me when you don't.
please... don't tell me what I like, don't like, feel, think when you only just met me
please... don't assume I am the same person I was when we were friends- so long ago
please... just don't

it just makes me want to tell you less and less..

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