Catfish with wings

I am a city girl, through and through.
but I just love to visit Oklahoma.
I am sure, some of the people are sick of me already,
but this life is so different to me.
So much slower, not as cluttered, and I just love to visit!

Today, leaving the most precious coffee shop, HeBrews after lunch... if you ever go through Oklahoma stop by the Ditch Witch Factory and then HeBrews for the Pistol Pete Chicken Pesto- get it on an asiago bagel! Soooo good!
I saw this thing on the ground
it literally looked like a catfish with wings... well, a miniature catfish but it was bigger than 5 inches
I soon found out, it was a MOTH!
A freaking moth...
It just was one more reminder of how much I enjoy this place... but only for visiting!

I couldn't live with flying catfish around!


  1. Hi Kate!

    It was so fun getting to meet you this week and we are excited that you enjoyed the Pistol Pete Chicken Pesto on our Asiago Bagel. We have to give Old School Bagel credit for the awesome bagel, but we'll accept your compliment on the rest of the sandwich :)

    Please come back and visit the next time you're in Oklahoma. We love serving people and it was a pleasure serving you!


  2. Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it.................................................


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