The Faceless Travel

Found something I wrote years ago... 4ish to be exact
Clearly, not the same person, my writing has changed, a lot, but at the time, it was me...

-The Faceless Travel

Im not much a writer but these are my words
They're going to form a story just of a world
It starts with a girl and will end with her too
The Mysteries held within are between me and you

Its hard to tell from where it begins
Because she didnt feel life until she met him
Life had happened before, just not in her heart
So lets begin, Lets take it from the start.

She traveled down roads some long and straight
Others more troublesome, she never knew til too late
Where she will end only he will know
So she kept on running down all the wrong roads.

Most roads undiscovered were pure in her eyes
Some she goes back to for the comfort of lies
Old wounds from old travels hold her captive to old ways
she tries to let go when she cant she just cries
"Listen to what I have to say!"

"You know that I need you here by my side,
to carry me through my life needs a guide
I need your grace, your comfort and all of your heart
you're what I've been needing, my life is ready to start"

There are places she goes but never alone
These roads once desperate, now careful to roam
With him by her side shes never afraid
She knows the paths that she wanders, he already paved

The sky not always blue, the grass not always green
She puts one foot forward, patient for the unseen
Each road has a treasure and secrets untold
Yet every encounter is a treasure alone.

She has her own struggles that you'll never know
She wants you to know why but she feels so alone
There are memories she has that she wished went away
She tries to breathe deep inside when she cant she just cries
"Listen to what I have to say!"

"You know my heart and even my mind
you are in my life but where are you most the time!
I know my life would be nothing, it started with you
but I'm ready for more, can you give me that too!"

The wandering girl travels down yet another dark road
Not knowing who is waiting for her hand to hold
This is where she will meet the one he has for her
This is all she has asked for, its love she is sure.

They go on their way hand in hand
Some days it may pour, but they continue to stand
She knows what it is, what it is her heart feels
Shes been down this road but it wasn't this real

This girl and this boy dream of 'for forevers'
She wants them to walk all their roads together
But somethings not there, it hold the boy back
She just wants to know what it is that she lacks?

The memories they make are her favorite of all
She hopes her love is enough, but she feels so small.
She wants the boys love but doesn't know the way
She tries to not lose herself but when she can't she just cries
"Listen to what I have to say!"

"How can it feel this way, so good and so bad?
Sometimes I wonder does the boy miss what he had?
Now you need to tell me am I wasting 'for forevers'?
Or is this something the boy knows has always been a never?"

She needs that comfort of him and those words from his heart
She never questions what the boy has from the start
Here they are now but they came from such different places
She knows that their lives have been filled with different faces.

The struggles she has are all from before
She tries to forget them and move on to more
She hates to admit shes afraid from her past
She just needs to know their forever will last.

The boy has fears too, its something she can tell
Her travels become faceless as her heart continues to swell
She has lost herself in the boy and all of his ways
She tries to be honest but when she cant she just cries
"Listen to what I have to say!"

"I cant promise you 'for forevers' and days of sunshine
but I can promise you this my heart is not mine
I have done what I can, I don't know what else I can do
But I guess its just one thing I will never hear from you."

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