Ah Ha Moments

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."- Albert Einstein...

Ever have an "ah Ha" moment?
You realize you are not making the best decision for yourself,
yet you continue to make the decision over and over thinking this time it, he, she, they will be different, treat you different, react different.
it won't happen.
its insane to think that doing the same thing over and over will give you a different result.

But the hardest part, is to break the cycle.
To stop making the same choices, stop doing the same thing over and over.
If you want different results you have to do something
If nothing changes... nothing changes, right??

I had an "Ah Ha" moment today.
I put myself into a situation where I don't like the result but I keep doing it over and over hoping it will be different.
it wont happen.
So I need to start making the right decision for me
because ultimately, this is my life. its about me. and i am the only one living my life

Another "Ah Ha" moment I had about myself was that one of my character flaws and strength is kindness...
Some people mistake kindness for weakness
Others take advantage of a persons kindness
Then there are people who read too much into someone being kind
And lastly, there are some people who see kindness for exactly what it is.

I am tired of people not seeing kindness as what it is intended to be.

I want to be kind to everyone

But I am learning I can't be, because in the end, I am hurt.

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