This blog is a little contradicting but its been on my mind...

Why are we fed the idea that life is a fairytale?
That you fall in love and everything is perfect
That guys go above and beyond to do things that are just perfect for who we are.

Why do we hold our expectations to unreachable heights because we watch movies, tv, listen to music, read books about things that really do not happen?

Trust me, I believe in love
I believe in true love
but the way society and media shape our understanding of real life
is NOT real life.

I am not saying that I don't believe that special, romantic things can happen
but I am saying its not fair that the next person who has to fill in the shoes of my dream guy will have to be an unbelievably sexy, scruffy, sensitive, accomplished, curious, hopelessly romantic mind reader who isn't afraid of love...

Good Luck!

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