You say, HOW MUCH?!?

Ok so you know when you are out shopping and there is something you just really like but you can't imagine paying the price that they want for it because its just ridiculous. Well I have had one of those items for awhile now. Ok so at Urban Outfitters they have this totally cute headbands that have the big feathers on them, the only ones I have seen are Peacock ones and I just loved them but they are stinking 24$ If you go down to the Plumage Headband and Look at the options you will be totally surprised because, I decided to MAKE THEM ON MY OWN!! I am not an artsy fartsy lady! I can barely draw a stick figure very well! But I just bought some headbands are target (5 for 3.99) and then I went to Michaels and I bought two feathers, the Blue Almond and Multi Brown, they didnt have peacock, and some black ribbon. The headbands were browns, blue and tan. I used a regular brown one with the multi brown feather and then I wrapped a headband with the ribbon and put the blue almond on it. It was really easy, all I used was fabric glue because the feathers already had a black little thing on them. It was seriously so easy I couldn't even believe it! and I think I made them for less than 5$ The feathers were the most expensive part! I am thinking about making one with buttons now!

But this was my item I just had to have but didn't want to spend the money! What about you?! Have you made anything because you knew you could and didn't want to spend the money on it?

PS... seriously, go look at the link! It is the second to last picture and go to more colors and it is the EXACT feathers I got! suuuuuuch a rip off!

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