International Business Management

International Business Management can not exist and I would be a happier person! Studying in the library. Its hard to stay focused. Praying hard today for all my loved ones. Trying not to think that my inconvenience is a problem because its not. These tests don't define me. These test don't measure what kind of a person I am or what I can do in my life. These test don't help me make better decisions for my life, in the short and long run. They are just something teachers have to do, and it is my firm belief that most teachers are out to get us. They aren't there to really teach us, but their teaching is in between the lines. I'm thinking the Mindy is trying to teach me that if I study my butt off its only going to go so far, and even if I get a D or a A, I'm just another number. Its other things that are going to make me stand out and worth it, not a silly test grade...


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