Ay yi yiiiii...

I am surprisingly calm compared to the week I have ahead of me! Its already midterms (which is totally weird to think about) but I have three exams. Luckily, they are all on separate days but its going to be one heck of a study fest! I have my first exam tonight 605-720. Then I am getting together with Tori after class to go over our MASSIVE study guide for MGT302, international business. And then Tuesday I will be in the library my entire break studying for my exam at 3. Then after that class the studying will continue for my Gender Communication test on Wednesday at 655! Its going to be three days of pure studying but I think I can do it! WW is still going well! I just need to find the time to make exercise more of a priority! But thankfully, the weather is getting much nicer out so I can start walking at work or during the day at school a little more!

Well, wish me luck! See you on the other side of the books!


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