almost forgot!

Gosh, I have been really good about blogging lately, its actually quite impressive to me! But I almost forgot today! I know my blogs don't normally have any great words of wisdom, and really are just word vomit for whatever is going on in my life at this time but today I actually got to use some advice that I learned a long time ago. A while ago I had a really hard time, really hard time... I read a lot of books to try to understand the situation that left me feeling so very empty. Well, today, as odd as it sounds I used my advice for someone who was trying not to do what they had done before. It probably doesnt make sense, but thats ok. I know what I am talking about!

Sometimes, its hard to listen to advice others give us. Sometimes, its great to see that your advice is being taken. Sometimes, I wish I had known what I know now. Sometimes, I wish I would listen to the advice that I have given others! Sometimes, you just gotta live!

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