Do you know what you are?

I don't know why I keep thinking about this. I wonder if people know what they are. Are you positive or negative? Are you happy or sad? Are you controlling or passive? I think people have an idea of what they want to be, or what they think they are but I am not sure if people have a healthy grasp on what they TRULY are.

Not that I feel like I have it completely down but I have been thinking about a few things that I know I am:

I am a believer in people, second chances, miracles, faith, love.
I am broken, imperfect, moody, sensitive, judgemental at times, frustrated easily.
I am a friend, sister, daughter, girlfriend, granddaughter, cousins, niece, aunt.
I am talkative, easily entertained, friendly (sometimes accused of being too friendly), open, willing to learn, willing to admit when I am wrong.
I am a motivator, positive, easy to be around (most of the time), loving.
I love to love. I want to show all the people of the world what real love is.
I take being a friend seriously. I try to be as honest as I can with the most important person of all, myself. I want to be known for being kind, sincere, loving, a great friend, intelligent.

I know I am young, but I feel like I have a good grasp on who I am. I am not perfect, I make a lot of mistakes. But I am willing to work on myself. I don't want to think that I don't have work to do on myself. I don't want to think I have grown as much as I can because the rest of my life won't be as fun if I already knew everything right now!

Not sure what spurred this blog, but hey at least I am blogging regularly now! It feels good.

Hope all are well.


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