Dear Year 24

Before I blow out my candles
I wanted to let you in on my wishes for Year 24 

I pray for a hunger to live life to the fullest 
I wish for contentment and enjoyment in the simpliest thing 
I want to spend as much time with friends and family 
I would love to find someone to love, but its all on God's plan so if its not supposed to happen this year, I can live with that. 

I pray for fun memories with new friends, old friends, and family 
I wish that I will take advantage of the opportunities I am given 
I want to find myself in this 24th year of my life 
I would love to be happy. truly happy. 

I pray for health, happiness, and good things for my family, friends and self 
I wish for shoes. lots of shoes :) 
I want to cross off some items on my Adventures List! Anyone want to help me, let me know!
I would love to go through this 24th year, and be able to look back on it as my best year yet! 

Ok, Time to blow out those candles!

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