These are a few of the adventures I would like to take, go to, or do:
(in no particular order)
(in the next few years)

walk the three day breast cancer walk, again

drive through big sur

see Ray LaMontagne in Vegas, San Diego or Phoenix

Australia and play beach volleyball

scuba diving

Colorado to snowboard(winter) and/or hike(summer)

Hawaii and fly with my friend Greg (he is and will be the pilot)

indoor skydiving

camping out under the stars in california

see LOVE in vegas

fall in love

go wine tasting in Northern California (or anywhere) and find a wine I like

drink sangria in spain

slow dance with someone

go to a professional football game maybe the Chargers with Amanda

eat bruschetta (and lots of food) in italy

indoor rock climbing- then do outdoor rock climbing

work for TOMS shoes

go on a cruise

travel to seattle and go to pike's place market and get coffee at the OG starbucks

go to new york for new years

go to the batting cages

run a half marathon
then run a full marathon

go ice skating at rockefeller center, with the big christmas tree in the back

volunteer at a Cancer treatment center

go paintballing

sing karaoke

build a fort in the livingroom and watch movies in it

cruise my bike down the boardwalk

try new restaurants
and new cuisines

take a staycation

get my tattoo

gamble in Vegas (and win)

play domino's outside at a park with a friend

take cooking classes

try birkham yoga

have a picnic

work with a non-profit

eat clam chowder in san fran

pick an actress or actor- and have a movie marathon of all their movies

go to different libraries and read books from a booklist

cook recipes i love

actually get up on a wakeboard

learn about other cultures and religions

maybe- real skydiving

stand over the grand canyon

take salsa dance lessons with a boy

eat deep dish pizza in chicago

go surfing in Hawaii, again

hike the grand canyon

live in London

ride in a helicopter over waterfalls

go back to the Lourve

move to california

get my masters

fall in love with living life to the fullest

the ultimate adventure will be finding myself along the way...

I'm ready for an adventure... who is coming with me?

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