The F word

Ok... not that F word!

I have the best family in the world.
Today, I was STRESSED out. I couldn't help but cry, a lot, because I don't know how to handle my stress and that is what I do to feel better! It wasn't a sad cry. It was just an I am at wits end cry!

Well, my dad tried to come in and console me, and I am inconsolable usually when I am stressed out. haha that is part of me being as stubborn as i am. A few hours later, when I calmed down Poppa Bear came in to ask me what I was stressed about. When I started to explain in tears, what ensued was something Poppa says "I will remember this one my death bed."

I am the baby of my beautiful family. And I have been well taken care of my entire life. I play the baby girl role very well. (If this isn't scaring you off yet future suitors... just keep reading) Well, I know something about myself that most people know but don't admit.. I will admit it- I am selfish. I have always been kind of selfish, just like everyone else is in the world. I don't feel like I am selfish all of the time, but I am growing up and starting to be a lot let selfish, and I feel like I am being a lot more selfless....

Today I was over being selfless! hahaha So I am in tears and tell my Poppa, "I am just over this being selfless thing!!" and then he laughs... if you know my dad, you know THIS laugh. He couldn't stop, then I started to laugh, and I couldn't stop.... This was exactly what I needed. I knew I was being ridiculous, but I needed to be a little ridiculous to get passed this stress bubble I had going on.

So thank you Poppa, for laughing at me, and then with me. It will be one of those moments in both of our lives I hope we never forget.

Yea... we had a marshmallow gun christmas fight this year... my family is amazing!

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