Learning Lessons

This new season of my life I am learning a lot of lessons.

Mostly, I am learning that God really is trying to teach me thing that I have always ignored.
I have never let my guard down as much as I have in these last five months.
I have never had so much fun with my friends, getting to know new people, and rediscovering myself.
I really like to communicate with people. But I am learning, not all people like to communicate.
I am an open book, but I am learning I need to close my book and be selective of who I let into my story.
Heartbreak hurts, but great friends make it better.
It is what it is. There's not to much control I have but over myself, and even that isn't always certain.
Don't always put your trust in people, they tend to just disappoint you
I don't always know what I want, but I know what I don't want
I am meant to love, and will some day find someone who wants to love me back
Life is hard, Life is painful, but I will live it to the fullest
I need to learn to let go
I think way too much, all the time...
I want to start Yoga again, to clear my thoughts
I am learning a lot of life lessons during this season of my life, I won't take this time for granted. 

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