I am not a confrontational person,
I try to be rational
Come to the person with compassion, and honesty that I might have an issue with.

But, when people have completely different perspective's on a situation
that is really REALLY really H.A.R.D.

I feel like I get walked all over.
I feel like I care way to much about other people's feelings over my own.
I am TIRED of not having reliable, understanding, selfless people around me.

People don't walk in other people's shoes anymore...
People are greedy
People are selfish
People only care about themselves and don't think about what they might be putting someone else through...

I'm not asking for the moon,
I'm asking for some decency, understanding that YOU made a choice YOU have to deal with, and rationale...

P.S. Isn't that baby too much to be really mad at?! haha so cute!

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