No Control

Disclaimer: I just need to get something off my chest. I hope that once I do I can just move passed it. The picture above is a little more dramatic than this post will be, but it is beautiful at the same time! I got it here

Life is kind of like a storm. I am learning to dance in the rain...

I am learning lots of things. Here is the lesson of the week (so far...)

I have learned this lesson before.
But it doesn't mean it won't show up from time to time to re-teach you something.
Control. A lot of the time, we think we have it, but we don't. I'm not talking about control over ourselves but control over a situation. When so many other influencing factors are involved its that much harder to have control.
Mistakes. I make them, you make them, everyone makes them. If a person thinks they don't, we might have an issue. If a persons thinks people do things to them on purpose, then they might be a little too senstivie (I am guilty of that big time, its another lesson I am currently learning the slow way). If a person can't forgive another for a mistake they apologized for, then I don't know what to tell that person... but they will be holding onto a lot of stuff that will just weigh them down in the long run...

So why is it, that when you don't have complete control over a situation,
and you maybe make a bad judgement call or a mistake, but you later apologize for that mistake. people can't forgive...

tell me you have never made a mistake and asked for forgiveness.
tell me that you didn't have control over a situation and someone else was affected from that lack of control but you are having the finger pointed at you, even though you couldn't control it all.

I may be sawing sawdust here
but I needed to get it off my chest
and writing it in words seems to be the only way.

But, I did what I could to make it better, so at least I can say I did the best I could.

Moving on with this beautiful day!

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