Happiness Campaign

A couple years ago, I created an idea for myself called "The Happiness Campaign"
I was tired of letting other people bring me down
I didn't want to not be happy because other people didn't want to be happy
I have always been an emotions sponge.
I soak up what my friends are going through and feel it with them
Well, I was tired of always feeling and being down about things that weren't worth it
So I wanted to be happy
The Happiness Campaign is about being happy for what you have and the blessings in your life. If you tell yourself to be happy, you will be... it might take some time but eventually it will happen.

Well, I am at another time in my life where I need the Happiness Campaign in my life.
People always want to give little sayings
Words of wisdom, encouragement, hope to get through the good, the bad and the ugly

Well my mom gave me this little hallmark book-
Live Happy: Inspirational Thoughts on Life, Love and Laughter.
To help me get through my bad and my ugly time.

I love LOVE love this book!
It sits next to my bed and its a little flip book so you are supposed to turn the page everyday and it will give you some kind of saying.

Some are funny
Some are silly
Some are thought provoking
Some make you smile
and some, some are exactly what you need to hear.

I gave this little book to a couple of my girlfriends and we will share with each other which one we have up.
I am impatient so I read through it and find the one that fits me for the moment I am at.

Tonight this one doesn't necessarily fit the moment, but it made me smile and was something I needed to hear.

"All you've got
is all you can give
and that will
be enough."

That really hits home for me
because, sometimes I don't know if I will ever be enough
I spent a long time thinking I had to change all these things to be enough for someone, but I don't
And I will always be enough...

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